Daily Mail Uk Property Awards 2007



Why should estate agents give you details of houses before releasing them to the general market?

Through working closely with them they know that we only represent serious buyers and that, if one of our clients offers to buy a house from them, the purchase is more likely to proceed smoothly.

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Will you save me money on the asking price?

Our primary goal is to identify the best properties before they come to market and it is rare to negotiate savings on these off-market properties. In our experience, attempts to do so are normally met with a polite, “no, we’ll take our chances with the market”. However, we have negotiated savings that have both matched and exceeded the fees charged for the service. We must also note that past performance is not a guarantor of future success.

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Once the retainer has been paid, do you limit the time given to each search?

Yes. Because we are very honest from the outset and we will discuss your requirements in detail with you, we will only take on a client if we believe that their requirements are realistic and a property if it is out there can be secured within the timescale of the contract which is 26 weeks. Should in a rare occasion this not happen we will discuss with the client the next step.

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Do you only search for high value properties?

Not at all. We believe that everyone who requires our services should be able to benefit from our expertise no matter what the budget.

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What type of people require your services?

We have had a wide range of clients from city professionals wanting to move out of London, Families looking for better schooling to elderly clients not in a position to undertake the burden of finding a suitable property themselves. We also work for international clients relocating to the UK to further their career.

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When we move, our children will have to change schools. Can you help us select the right school for them?

Definitely. Schooling is one of THE most important aspects of a successful move and understanding the admission process for each area is crucial. We will work with you to ensure that your children settle happily into their new school.

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What happens if, after paying the retainer, I decide not to move at all?

We pride ourselves on the service that we deliver and start work on your behalf as soon as the retainer is paid. An individual client account is held for all work undertaken which will be charged less the retainer should you decide to cancel.

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Do you find rental properties?

Yes. We will find rental properties for both private and corporate clients on short or long term tenancies.

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