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From our experience we know that although finding a property is exceedingly time consuming it is the next phase of securing the property that people find the most stressful and the cause much anxiety, which is why Vision provides

Move Solutions.

The ideal time to contact us is when you have put your house on the market but prior to receiving an offer - but if it is later that too is not a problem.

Moving home is one of the most stressful events in your life and whilst many clients enjoy finding their future home they certainly DO NOT enjoy the stress and strain, time and inconvenience and cost involved in moving.

Not everyone wishes to retain the services of  a Home Search consultant to manage their entire home move, from finding their perfect home to moving in, but our feedback tells us that they would like a professional company to remove the stress and strains involved in the negotiating and organising of the whole process from Negotiation to Completion. 

Once a client has fallen in love with a property their heart then tends to rule their head when negotiating  their purchase price with the agent who, of course, is working on behalf of the seller. They don’t want to lose their property but may end up paying more than they needed to  secure it.

Solicitors, surveyors, mortgage companies, agents up and down the chain all need to work together to ensure a smooth completion.  You would think, as their fee paying client undertaking one of the most important and most expensive purchases in your lifetime, that they would ensure that your purchase proceeds smoothly and timely.  UNFORTUNATELY this is not always the case.  Chains are broken for many reasons BUT there ARE a number that can be avoided. As part of our Move Solutions package we ensure that our clients are kept at the forefront of  the daily trawl through  solicitors conveyancing files, we liaise with solicitors and agents up and down the chain ensuring that no piece of information however small or large may hold up or even break the chain are missed.  “I don’t know how Vision managed to obtain the last piece of information the other solicitor was requesting at such a late stage   quicker than I could, to ensure that exchange of contracts took place that day to stop the chain from breaking down – Vance Harris solicitors, London

We will ensure that the surveyor undertake and report back swiftly avoiding wasted days. If needed we will attend the survey so you do not have to take the time off work. 

Removal quotes will be organised, Utilities will be transferred, new telephone lines and numbers obtained.  We will supply you with pre-printed change of address cards  to send to friends and family.

Move Solutions was introduced through  feedback  that was given by sellers whilst we undertook homes searches on behalf of our clients last year. We have launched this unique service to home buyers in Kent to ensure that home moving is made as simple and stress free as possible.

NegotiationThis is always an area of most dread for clients. They want to pay the best price possible for their new found property but heart tends to rule the head. As part of your move solutions package we will negotiate on your behalf the best price possible for your new home. Our experience and knowledge gives us the edge and considerable savings on the asking price have in the past been achieved.

Surveys – Depending on the type of property that you are purchasing and your circumstances, there a different types of survey. We have a number of local surveyors who we work with that we can recommend. We will organise for the survey to be undertaken and will provide help with understanding when the report is issued.

Mortgage – No doubt you will have your mortgage offer, but should you wish to speak with an Independent Mortgage Consultant we can arrange for them to visit you to discuss your needs.

Solicitors – It is really important to instruct a good solicitor. Although they are working for you, they are also working for many others too. We have been able to ensure that our clients are in the forefront of their solicitors’ daily trail through their conveyancing files and we have been able to keep many a chain complete through our very quick information gathering from the necessary sources which take solicitors many days or even weeks to obtain. The solicitors we recommend appreciate our role and are grateful of our services to our clients.

Agents – It is very usual to have a chain in any move process. This can vary from a couple to many buyers and sellers. There are times when a chain break is unavoidable but there are others where communication has been poor or information is not processed quickly enough which can be avoided. Vision will liaise with agents up and down the chain to avoid such issues.

Removals – We will arrange for removal quotes from three companies for your move. You may wish for the full pack/unpack service or just the basic removal service. If you are busy, we will happily be present at your property when the removal company wish to visit to be able to provide an accurate costing.

Utilities – Organising the transfer of utilities at your current property and the commencement at your new home is all organised by us. Even down to arranging your new BT telephone number.

Other Companies – It may be SKY, ADT, Royal Mail, DVLA, ISP supplier, your bank, credit card company, we will advise them of your new change of address.

Moving In Day – On moving in day we can collect the keys to your new property and co-ordinate any removals should you wish.

Property Services – We have a team of contractors for cleaning, decorating, fencing, landscaping, patios and driveways, replacement fascias, soffits and guttering and much more who will be pleased to provide quotes should you require.